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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for Car Riders

Please do not leave your children outside of the building prior to 7:00 AM. Although school personnel may arrive prior to 7:00 AM , they are not available to supervise children and therefore cannot accept responsibility for children left on school grounds before 7:00 AM.

All car riders should be dropped off in front of the Kindergarten wing (Pine Street) no earlier than 7:00 AM.

Car riders planning to eat breakfast should arrive before 7:15 AM. Breakfast will not be served after 7:20 AM, except to students arriving on late buses.á

Students arriving after 7:30 AM must be taken to the office ans signed in by a parent. No students should be dropped off at the side entrance (South Boundary Avenue). Afternoon pickup is also on the Pine Street side of the building.á

It is imperative that drivers of the cars follow the established one-way pattern in the morning and afternoon. do not delay students in getting out of the cars or drop them off on the street in an area that would require them to cross traffic.

Students must be picked up promptly between 2:25 PM and 2:45 PM. Students picked up after 2:45 will have to be signed out at the office.