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  Grading System  

Grading System

Student performance will be evaluated based on state grade-level standards, academic plans, and IEP’s, using tests and other available methods.  Student conduct shall be excluded from consideration in determining a students’ grade.
In Kindergarten a narrative report and a parent conference shall be provided at the end of the first nine weeks.  A checklist, instead of letter grades shall be used for the remainder of the year for Kindergarten students.



In grades one through twelve, numerical grades shall be used to report student progress for each reporting period.


              Letter Grade       Numerical Value

                     A                        93-100

                     B                        85-92

                     C                        77-84

                     D                        70-76

                     F                        Below 70

In elementary school, S for Satisfactory (77-100) and N for Needs Improvement (70-76) and U for Unsatis-

factory (below 70) may be used in art, physical

education and music.  In grades one and two, S, N,

and U shall be used in science, health, and social studies.


Numerical grades shall be used on report cards, transcripts and permanent records.





How To Use Powerschool

Parent Portal To Access Grades


Go to the Aiken County Schools website at

On the left side of the home page click on “Parents”.

From the drop down menu, click on “Powerschool”.

You will see “Instructions for Using Powerschool”, “Welcome to Powerschool” (Frequently Asked Questions), and Parent Login.  Click “Parent Login”.

If you do not have a login and password, you will need to call Shannon Conaway at GES at 652-8170.