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Student Attendance

Student Attendance

State law requires all children between the ages of five and 17 to attend a public or private school or kindergarten.† A parent whose child or ward is not six years old on or before September 1st of the school year may waive kindergarten attendance for his/her child.

The board expects children to attend school regularly.† Regular attendance is necessary if students are to make the desired and expected academic and social progress.

The school year consists of 180 school days.† High school students must attend 85 of each 90-day semester to receive one-half unit of credit.† They must attend 170 days through the course of the school year to receive one unit of credit.

Student Absences and Excuses

The board believes that attendance is a key factor in student achievement.Any absence from school represents an educational loss to the student.However, the board recognizes that some absences are unavoidable.

In order to receive credit for a high school course, a student must attend at least 85 days (for a 90-day semester course) or 170 days (for a 180-day year course).The board may grant approval of excessive absences in accordance wit board policy.

Any student, who misses school must present a written excuse, signed by his/her parent or legal guardian.The excuse will contain such other information as directed by the administration.Student excuses are considered to be a part of student records, and such excuses will be processed by those school-based employees designated to administer attendance regulations and will be provided to other staff who have a need to know.

If a student fails to bring a valid excuse to school within five days, he/she will automatically receive an unexcused absence.If a student brings a false (or forged) excuse, his/her teacher must refer the student to the school administration for appropriate action.

The district will consider students lawfully absent under the following circumstances:

†††††† They are ill and their attendance in school would endanger their health or the health of others.

†††††† There is a death or serious illness in their immediate family.

†††††† There is a recognized religious holiday of their faith.

†††††† They are traveling or attending events that the principal approved in advance as an education experience.

†††††† Emergencies and/or extreme hardships at the discretion of the principal.

†††††† Other lawful absences are explained in administrative rule JH-R.

Chronic or extended illness requires a certification of the illness from the physician or other health care provider.Such statement will become a part of the studentís health file and will be placed in the permanent record.A statement from a physician or other health care provider may be required for the temporary illness of the student or for a death or serious illness in the studentís immediate family.

The district will consider students unlawfully absent under the following circumstances.

†††††† They are willfully absent from school without the knowledge of their parents.

†††††† They are absent without acceptable cause with the knowledge of their parents.